Coaching & Clubs

NYC has many great coaches and running clubs that can help you to improve your training and performance or simply give you new running buddies. MMC is actively enganged in connecting the running community.


MMC has relationships with a number of experienced and respected running coaches. They work with us at our events, provide articles and education for our blog and inspiration for our community.

In our ongoing efforts to connect athletes with the coaches who can best serve their needs, we have created a coaching directory listing popular coaches in the New York area. If you are a coach and would like to be included in the directly, send us a brief bio including credentials to experience.

Clinics and Workshops

One of the keys to Metropolitan Milers mission is to increase all runners’ access to coaching and running instruction. This is why each of the MMC events will incorporate workshops and clinics.

Come and take the opportunity to learn from highly trained and experienced coaches. Learn the training principles that will take you to the next level in running.

Here are examples of topics that will be covered in the near future:

  • How to adjust your running mechanics:
    Tips for improving speed and staying injury-free.
  • Why hydration should be everyone’s first priority:
    Blood volume and endurance.
  • Essential coaching principles every athlete should know.
    Learn what you need to know to communicate better with your coach.
  • One strength exercise that will improve your 800m.
    There are some common deficits that are easy to address. Here they are.
  • The 600 break down. Is it the right workout for you?
    This old standard 800m workout is broken down and explained. Could it help you?

Running and Track Clubs

There are a numerous great running and track clubs around New York City. We welcome them and all their members to our events.

Central Park Track Club
and Facebook
Dashing Whippets Running Team
and Facebook
Van Cortlandt Track Club
and Facebook
North Brooklyn Runners
and Facebook
Hoboken Harriers
and Facebook
Brooklyn Road Runners Club
and Facebook
South Brookyn Running Club
and Facebook
New York Flyers
and Facebook
Front Runners New York
and Facebook