About Us

Our Vision

MMC was founded by local New York City running coaches on the belief that all road runners can improve their performance at their chosen distance—whether the 5k or the marathon—by improving their ability to run faster and more efficiently for one mile.

Through a series of mile races, coaching clinics, and training workshops, we are connecting runners with the racing opportunities and the coaching expertise that will take their running to the next level.

We are dedicated to buidling a friendly and informative community for runners that provides:

  • Opportunities to test and develop your abilities in fun events
  • Access to leading coaches, with clinics and workshops,
  • Connecting runners with the track clubs and running teams.

Friday Night Miles

The Friday Night Mile series was conceived by local New York City coaches to provide road runners with the opportunity to race the mile, the shortest and fastest of distance races. By “picking up the pace” runners will learn what mechanical and physiological factors might limit their performance at distances from 5k to the marathon.
Celebrates the Mile as a distance that unites runners or every discipline. improving middle distance running in the New York Metro area, creating training and racing opportunities for athletes of all ages and levels of ability.

Our Team

Neil Fitzgerald
The founder of Metropolitan Milers
Neil is a USATF Level 2 coach in three specialties: Sprints/Hurdles, Endurance and Youth Athletics. He is the founding director of the NYC Department of Education Developmental Track and Field Series where thousands of children learn about running and lifelong fitness through the sport of track and field. He has worked as a running coach, teacher, and teacher educator in New York City since 1996. As a master’s runner, Neil has competed at four World Championship meets between 2005 and 2011 where he won four gold and four silver medals.

Contact Us

For further information including events, training, and clinics please contact: coach@metromiler.org