Summer/Fall Mile Series 2017

We’re in the planning stages for our 2017 installment of our mile-only track meets. Leading up to the Fifth Avenue Mile, we will host a series of mile races as tune-ups for novice and experienced runners alike.

For distance runners preparing for a fall marathon, mile races can introduce much-needed speed work, improving both lactic tolerance (physiology) and sprint form (bio-mechanics.)

For sprinters engaged in off-season conditioning, we’ve found that targeted mile race provide both a goal to shoot for as well as a much needed reality check. We can all benefit from improving their performance over this iconic distance.

For all athletes, recording a mile time can be helpful in gauging fitness from year to year.  In planning training and collaboration between athlete and coach, it could prove extremely helpful to post this standard benchmark.

So come and join us. One import truth about the mile: You get faster at it from running it.